What's up sneaker heads and hoopers? This month we linked up with from @hoops_sneakers_ to get the 411 on the D.O.N. 3 from Donovan Mitchell's signature line. Read below to see his review and how these kicks stack up against the competition!  

I love Donovan Mitchell’s signature line. Inexpensive, comic book inspired, bold design. It’s everything that I, as a basketball loving nerd with a tight budget, could ever ask for! Assuming it performs well on court that is!



When it comes to the traction the D.O.N. lineup has had some issues. The D.O.N. 1 used a full length herringbone and it played okay, but picked up a lot of dust and became inconsistent rather quick. The D.O.N. 2 went with a spider-web design that played great on an indoor court, even if dusty, yet struggled to be consistent outside. 

Here in the D.O.N. 3, the traction is almost identical to the 2. I’d recommend it highly, but only if you’re playing indoors!


 Don 3 sole


Foot-length Bounce is gone, this year they’ve “improved” the cushioning system with Light Strike foam. That worries me for one reason, the Harden 3 was awesome with full length Boost, the Harden 4 sucked for cushion with the Light Strike upgrade. Yet hope remains. 


That hope lies in how thick the cut of foam is under the heel. It’s much thicker than the Harden, sitting a similar height of the ground as the D.O.N. 2. 


Truthfully, from a first try on and just holding it in hand, I don’t think the casual hooper would notice a difference between the 2 and the 3. It is different, but ultimately they’re both lightweight yet dense foams that offer really nice impact protection and solid responsiveness compared to other foams on the market. They’re nice cushioning systems, but don’t fool yourself into thinking this is a huge upgrade. 



Don’t talk to me about your “Adidas size” anymore. I’ve been saying for YEARS that it’s not the brand it’s the individual sneaker that varies in size, this line alone seems to have set out to prove me right. The D.O.N. 1 fit at least a half size big, the D.O.N. 2 fit true to size, and this year some people are going to go up half a size because the fit is so snug. 


For me, I like the fit of the 2 and the 3 a lot. You feel locked in and supported before you even tie the shoes up. Yet for some, like Dan, the big boss-man of @hoops_sneakers_, the fit is TOO narrow to the point of cutting out the elastic that holds the upper together across the laces. 


If you wore the 2, it’s similar. If you only wore the 1, or you’re used to the size and fit of most other Adidas ball shoes, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! 



The aforementioned elastic across the laces really holds you in. Beyond that you’ve got the midsole coming into the upper with a plastic bar running through it. 


The toe box isn’t reinforced, but the construction includes an inner booty. While the heel has some Achilles support molded into the shoe.


Lateral lockdown on this shoe is going to be insane. 



$145 from Nike buys you the PG5, materials which do the job but feel cheap to the touch and many people wanting more. 

$145 from Adidas buys you the D.O.N. 3, where the materials are premium beyond the price point. The shoe looks beautiful, feels well built and the colourways vary and have some awesome collaborations, something we now expect from the D.O.N. lineup. 


The materials are thick, so breathability will be low. Worth it though for the durability and support the materials offer. Nike could learn a thing or two here. 

 DON 3 materials



Can’t wait to play in this shoe! It appears to be terrific value, low price point, high performance, what a beautiful thing. I’ll get going on the testing and come back soon. I’m confident it will, but hopefully it lives up to expectations! 



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