How often should I use Cross-Odor’s traction spray per game?

You should spray Cross-Odor a few times per game as needed. Make sure you hear the “squeak” as you step on the court. Different courts will require different amounts.

Can I use Cross-Odor’s traction spray for other sports?

Yes. Cross-Odor can optimize shoe traction for many indoor and outdoor court activities.

Will the sprays discolour my shoes?

No. Our 2-in-1 spray will not alter the colour of your shoes.

Can Cross-Odor be used on athletic gloves? Football, baseball, golf, etc....

 Yes, you can use Cross-Odor on your athletic gloves and it can help. The formula is ideal however for use on shoes in an indoor court. 

Where can I find instructions on how to use Cross-Odor?

You can scan our QR code on each bottle which will bring you to a video of how to use each product. You can also find an instructional video on our Instagram account.

Is Cross-Odor flammable?

The traction spray and deodorizer are NOT flammable. Our sanitizer however, like most, does carry a flammable warning. 

Is the sanitizer approved by Health Canada?

Yes, our sanitizer has been approved by Health Canada and carries an NPN number: 80098368. It is made by Dixon's Distillery: 355 Elmira Rd N, Guelph ON N1K 1S5.